What “Mass Produced by Hand” Means

December 12, 2017

It’s a slogan you’ll see on our social media posts and on staff shirts, among other places. But what does “Mass Produced by Hand” really mean?

It’s a simple phrase that encapsulates our ethos as a company and speaks to our approach to the work we do.

The words “mass produced” conjure up thoughts of a big factory churning out thousands of widgets for the world to consume. But to us, it’s a statement that we can take on any project that comes our way, no matter the scale or outside-the-box need. And it’s absolutely true that we can.

Where we set ourselves apart, though, is that we quite literally produce our work “by hand.” All the connotations that come along with those words – quality, attention to detail, durability – apply to what we do. We take pride in our meticulous approach of doing everything to the best of our abilities from start to finish.

So when you read “Mass Produced By Hand” you’ll know that it stands for our ability to go big, for craftsmanship, and for high-level, hands-on service.